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Who We Are

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church is a congregation of more than 2,500 people who gather together from across the Philadelphia region to witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ. While some are lifelong Presbyterians, some come from other Christian traditions and backgrounds, or no religious background at all. We welcome the seeker, the pious, and the skeptic alike.

We offer many opportunities to connect; through Sunday worship and special services, Sunday School and adult education classes, youth activities, senior adult ministry, confirmation class, fine arts, meditative exercise, and mission engagement local and global. We also offer opportunities to partner with other religious communities to share and broaden our understanding of God and neighbor. Our campus is a place to gather, learn, serve, and grow as disciples.

We’re confident you’ll find a way to experience and share God’s love at BMPC. Come join us!

Our Mission Statement

We are a community of faith, challenged, strengthened and transformed by the God who is revealed to us in Christ. We...

  • welcome all who would follow Christ
  • prefer truth to complacency
  • strive to connect faith and life
  • serve and leaven the church, community, and wider world through compassionate and empowering ministries.

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