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BMPC Foundation

The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church Foundation works like an endowment to support and enhance the church’s mission. The Foundation is made up of a number of funds that support specific ministry areas of the church. These areas include: tuition for seminary students, scholarships for youth camps, underserved communities in Philadelphia, our Fine Arts program, and care of the congregation. The Foundation is managed by a volunteer board of church members who are experienced in the field of financial and philanthropy management. The board is served by two committees: (1) the Investment Committee, which manages and oversees how the money is invested for maximum growth at minimal risk; and (2) the Development Committee, which is responsible for seeking out and securing new gifts to the Foundation. Many of the financial gifts to the Foundation come from members’ estate planning.

About the BMPC Foundation

The Foundation is separately incorporated as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, with its own Board of Directors elected by the Trustees of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church. The Foundation Board has two subcommittees:

  • The Foundation Development Committee, which is responsible for encouraging gifts to the Foundation, publicizing the ways in which the Foundation assets are used, and working with prospective donors to design gifts to the Foundation which fulfill the purposes of the donors and the Church.
  • The Investment Committee, which oversees the activities of the investment managers responsible for investment of the Foundation’s funds and recommends to the Foundation Board any changes in investment guidelines or investment managers. The committee is also responsible for implementation and monitoring of the Foundation’s socially responsible investment policy.

What the Foundation Supports

During 2022, the BMPC Foundation contributed $1,643,108 to the mission and ministry of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church. The Foundation assets, which totaled $41,972,357 at the end of December 2022, are divided into four primary fund categories, based upon the intended use of the assets. Included are:
  • assets donated to support and enhance BMPC’s mission and outreach programs which reach beyond our walls to provide for those in need around the world
  • assets donated to provide growth and development of worship, education and fellowship programs, all of which are designed to deepen and enhance our faith
  • assets donated to pay for maintenance and enhancement of BMPC buildings and property
  • unrestricted assets donated for such purposes as the Foundation leadership, in its discretion, shall deem appropriate

Examples of some of the many sub-funds that have been established to support the mission and ministry of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church are the following:

  • the Eugene C. Bay Fund (Urban Ministry)
  • the Elsie & Blair Daniels Fund (Worldwide Ministries)
  • the George C. McFarland Memorial Fund (Music and Fine Arts)
  • the Lola M. Tryon Fund for Youth Work (Youth Ministry)
  • the David and Ruth Watermulder Theologian-in-Residence Fund
  • the Ada Howard Donaghy Fund (repair and preservation of church buildings)
  • the Richard Shaull Global Mission Award

Making a Gift to the Foundation

You can support the future of our Church by:

For information about planned giving, click here

For Grant Seekers

  • The BMPC Foundation provides support to organizations in West Philadelphia through the Eugene C. Bay Fund. Click here  for further information and grant application.
  • The BMPC Foundation provides support to national and international mission projects through the Richard Shaull Global Mission Award. Click here for further information and grant application.

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