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What the Foundation Supports

During 2017, the BMPC Foundation contributed $1,582,345 to the mission and ministry of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church. The Foundation assets, which totaled $41,903,082 at the end of December 2017, are divided into four primary fund categories, based upon the intended use of the assets. Included are:

  • assets donated to support and enhance BMPC’s mission and outreach programs which reach beyond our walls to provide for those in need around the world
  • assets donated to provide growth and development of worship, education and fellowship programs, all of which are designed to deepen and enhance our faith
  • assets donated to pay for maintenance and enhancement of BMPC buildings and property
  • unrestricted assets donated for such purposes as the Foundation leadership, in its discretion, shall deem appropriate 

Examples of some of the many sub-funds that have been established to support the mission and ministry of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church are the following: 

  • the Eugene C. Bay Fund (Urban Ministry)
  • the Elsie & Blair Daniels Fund (Worldwide Ministries)
  • the George C. McFarland Memorial Fund (Music and Fine Arts)
  • the Lola M. Tryon Fund for Youth Work (Youth Ministry)
  • the David and Ruth Watermulder Theologian-in-Residence Fund
  • the Ada Howard Donaghy Fund (repair and preservation of church buildings)
  • the Richard Shaull Global Mission Award

Click here for a complete list of BMPC Foundation Funds.

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