Women in the Bible

Women in the Bible

Sundays, November 8-22 and December 6
11:15 a.m. via Zoom Conference Call (link below)

The names and stories of women in scripture have often been neglected - left out of the lectionary and absent from our conversations about biblical models of faith. More often than not our interpretation of the stories of women in scripture are burdened by the cultural differences between ancient and modern understandings of gender roles, families and even public life. Over these four weeks, we will explore the themes and significance of eight biblical women. Taken in pairs, these women open up the practice of reading and understanding women in the Bible and also will give us tools for reading and interpreting the whole of scripture.

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  • Sunday, November 8

Sarah and Hagar - In this session we will examine the role of women in the stories of Genesis, how the matriarchs of the Old Testament have been interpreted through the rest of scripture, including the New Testament, and how modern women have reclaimed these stories as emblematic of women’s faith expression.


  • Sunday, November 15

Miriam and Hanna - In this session we will consider some of the supporting female characters in the Old Testament, and especially the ways that women’s voices and women’s song were integrated into the biblical text.



  • Sunday, November 22

The Samaritan Women and the Woman Caught in Adultery - The New Testament is full of unnamed women who are used as object lessons for the teachings of Jesus. We will consider both the assumptions that have been made about them as well as how their anonymity has meant their stories have been forgotten.

  • Sunday, December 6

Mary and Elizabeth - The women in Jesus’ inner circle, and especially his family, take the role often attributed to his male disciples. As we enter into the season of Advent, we will look specifically at the women in his family, who set the tone for his ministry and the Gospel of Luke, considered to be the most women friendly of the four Gospel accounts.



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