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Parish Nurse

BMPC’s Parish Nurse assists in the church’s healing role through a holistic health ministry dedicated to the care of body, mind and spirit. This includes assessing and identifying health and wellness needs of church members, visiting church members in their homes upon referral, providing support after hospitalization or during crises, and providing information about health-related support services. A consult with our Parish Nurse may help with:

  • Questions related to the diagnosis of a serious illness
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Short-term practical help (e.g. meals, transportation)
  • Finding a support group
  • Concerns about personal health

All communications and conversations between the Parish Nurse and members will be treated in a confidential manner consistent with standards of nursing practice and pastoral care. No information will be divulged to staff, congregation, family, or other health care professionals without the express consent of the member.