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WeekdaySchool Teachers

Weekday School Staff

Kim Black is the Weekday School Director. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and prior to becoming the Director was a Weekday School teacher for eleven years.

Teacher Eileen Oxman leads the Pre-K class, teaching and inspiring the children of the Weekday School as she has for more than 25 years. Kim Campbell leads the Sunflowers class (5-day threes) and Julie Finch leads the Seedlings (2-day class) and Sprouts (3-day class).  Each provide a loving, nurturing environment for our youngest students.

All of the Weekday School teachers are pictured above (left to right): Kim Black, Dorren McDermott, Kim Campbell, Nancy Healy, Eileen Oxman, Kate Kopp, Stephanie Davaro, Julie Finch

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