Confirmation Sunday 2023

This Sunday is Confirmation Sunday! Confirmation is a vital milestone in the lives of our teenagers. As a class they spend a year together learning what it means to follow Jesus. This year's Confirmation Class, though small, is mighty. They have asked important questions of faith, experienced serving together, and grown in their relationships with God.

Our Confirmation curriculum on Sunday mornings centers around questions like, "What does it mean to be a Christian?" and "Who is God?" We then work together to discern the answers to those questions using Scripture, our PC(USA) confessions, discussion, and videos. Confirmation parent Kathy Kullen Fisher and I led this year's class, with help along the way from our fantastic Confirmation Mentors.

Confirmands also are challenged to meet monthly with their Confirmation Mentor, an adult member of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church willing to give of their time and energy to walk alongside a Confirmand as they delve into issues of faith. Each month they work through a list of questions related to what is discussed in class, listening to one another’s perspectives on essential questions of the Christian faith.

A unique part of our Confirmation curriculum is the Disciple Project. Each Confirmand chooses one spiritual practice to engage in for one month, which they then present at the Confirmation Expo. The expo is like a science fair for spiritual practices, where attendees walk around and see each Confirmand’s project. Our Confirmation Expo was held a few weeks ago, and members of the congregation were delighted to learn about the Disciple Projects. Our Confirmands engaged in diverse spiritual practices, including breath prayer, daily paintings, daily photography of where one saw God that day, and even daily poetry, among other fantastic projects.

Please join me this Sunday as we welcome nine new members into the body of our church as they complete their Confirmation through a profession of faith in worship. Confirmands will be in the Atrium following worship so that you may greet them.

I'm so proud of this class, and I’m overjoyed to have them become fellow church members. I’m confident each of them will add much to this congregation's faithfulness, creativity, and love. I can't wait to see how God makes the world a more beautiful, just place through each of them.