Who are We at BMPC?

I've been membership director at BMPC for more than 20 years, so if anyone is going to describe who we are as a congregation, it might as well be me.

This is who we are: A minority of lifelong Presbyterians. Instead, Christians with other church backgrounds; Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Quaker, or another. People with spouses who practice a different religion (we celebrate having a number of Jewish Christian households). Single parents who are grateful for a support system and a church family in which to raise their children. Disillusioned seekers who suspect Jesus' existence and message can be misunderstood. Well-educated professionals who know there's more to life than what they can control. Humble, loving people who know the value of caring for and serving others. Parents and caregivers who want their children to come to know and trust in God’s love. Questioning teenagers who need a respite from the turmoil of adolescence. Single adults searching for extended family and the fellowship of good souls. Senior adults who may wish things could be the way they used to be and may worry about the future. Those who are suffering who come seeking comfort. Those who feel blessed and want to express gratitude. Devoted pastors who serve all of the above tirelessly because they have been called to do so, to the glory of God and as a witness to their own faith in Jesus Christ.

What a glorious community to be a part of! I feel fortunate to know so many by name. It has been a blessing in my life to be in the midst of these and to be able to serve this amazing church. I'm excited about who we continue to become.

So who are we, in fewer words? We are a conglomeration of unique individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs who, for many different reasons, come to this church because of a desire to know, worship, and serve the God made known to us in Christ…together. With each other. As one church, grounded in love that is meant to be shared.  

May God be with us, each and every one, as we continue to journey together!