Supporting the Sandwich Generation

We are living in a new era. As our parents live longer, and our children need us well into their 20’s, those of us who are in the sandwich generation are managing family transitions for extended periods of time. These transitions are inevitably challenging, but if we can navigate this time consciously and thoughtfully, this period can be full of grace. As we lessen our reactivity to the stresses, we can increase our capacity to respond with compassion.

To support you in this process, the Middleton Center is hosting a series of seminars, The Sandwich Generation. Join is for three consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 p.m., in Witherspoon Parlor.

January 21: Dealing with Aging Parents – Michele Marsh, PhD and Mike Graziano, LMFT will lead us in a conversation about family challenges in dealing with our aging parents, including psychological, emotional, and practical considerations. They will focus on emerging sibling issues, lack of closure in parental relationships, self care and respite, creating a team and process to manage the myriad of concerns related to aging parents among other concerns.

January 28: Parenting our Young Adults - Jeff Beers, MFT will help parents understand the millennial generation and how to navigate the shift in relationships that naturally occurs as our kids need us less, and differently. We will consider strategies to remain engaged and how we might develop more satisfying relationships with our young adult children.

February 7: Jammed in the Middle - Leah Brecher-Cohn, LMFT will help us recognize that the loss of parents and the change in family dynamics encourage us to explore the question of our own identity. A mindful approach to this transition can lead us to an emerging awareness of our own possibility.

Each of these programs stands alone, but the full series will enable you to focus on your parents, your children and yourself.

For more information, call the Middleton Center at 610-525-0766.