It’s About More Than Numbers!

This Sunday’s Annual Meeting after the 10:00 a.m. worship service will celebrate the good health and vitality of the congregation, and this year we are adding something new! We have three special highlights planned in order to tell the story of our congregation and how our ministry is making a difference for people who are involved.

The way the Annual Meeting has typically worked is that we have had reports from leaders of Session, the Trustees, the Stewardship Committee and the BMPC Foundation. The result is that we hear a lot of numbers: change in membership numbers, how money was spent, what money was pledged and how much money is in the coffers. But membership statistics and financial data does not accurately describe a vital and vibrant congregation. We’ll have those numbers available at the meeting, but this year we will also talk more about our congregation’s witness to the work of God through our community. In a word, we are adding testimony!

I hope you will plan to stay and attend the Annual Meeting, and if you are unable to do so, I encourage you to pick up an Annual Report that will be available in print and online. One year in the life of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church is but a small window into a longer, deeper commitment of this congregation’s witness to the love of God in the world. But this annual rhythm of looking back over the last year gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect and celebrate what we have done as a community of faith, the growth we have enjoyed, and the challenges and joys of Christian mission and ministry.

I’ll see you Sunday as we celebrate the full story of our congregation’s life together.