Reconnecting and Focusing on the Future

Early last week I met with BMPC’s Youth Chorale on the front steps of the Sanctuary. We all came with a mask and our own lunch and were ready to catch up and see how our lives have changed in the past few months and what we anticipate the next few months might look like.

To my great delight, it was as though not a day had passed! We shared memories from early quarantine when we were all home, enjoying time away from the stress in our lives. But as the weeks and months of quarantine added up, we all shared similar challenges of feeling disconnected and missing the activities that helped us feel connected and in community.

We discussed anthems we sang this past season, and which ones we would like to revive if the opportunity presents itself. We debated about our favorite hymns we love to sing, and new ones we hope we will be able to sing together in the future.

We chatted about the upcoming program year and how it will be different, like so many things in our lives. But it will still be something for us to latch onto and feel connected through future check-ins, finding times to make music together in a safe way, such as through involvement in outdoor services on the front lawn of the church during the fall months.

This summer luncheon was a special gathering after so many months of not being together. And it helped me realize that the coming months will be special too.