God is Good...All the Time!

"God is good…all the time! And all the time…God is good!" This is a refrain that you'll hear quite a bit if you spend any time at Camp Kirkwood.

Today, I'm writing from our annual youth camp in the Poconos. Camp is the highlight of our youth ministry calendar each year. Everyday at Kirkwood has been spent enjoying arts and crafts, wood shop, stained glass, group games, and meaningful worship gatherings.

This year our theme is JOURNEY, and we've been reflecting on the idea that our faith journey will define who we become in life. As we've reflected on the this theme, we've looked at Jesus travels in the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew. From Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, Jesus was on his own journey as he began his public ministry. At different points his journey included being baptized, calling disciples, preaching the good news and healing the broken. Each part of his journey further defined who he would become as our Savior and friend. 

We are all on a journey of faith. Where are you on your faith journey? Whether we feel close to God or stale in our spiritual life, each day provides us with opportunities to seek God on our journey. Maybe it's finding a few quiet minutes in the morning or finding a meaningful service opportunity. But wherever you go, may you feel God's guiding presence as you travel on your faith journey. 

To see what has been happening at Camp Kirkwood, you can view our video/picture blog here: http://bmpcyouthcamp2014.blogspot.com