Holy Opportunities

One of the joys of my ministry is the opportunity to empower our youth to lead. This was the model that Jesus employed with his disciples. And during this Holy Week, it's fitting that the youth of the congregation are enabled to lead one of our most sacred worship services at noon on Good Friday.

Through scripture reading, music, and prayer, our students have created a worship experience that invites everyone into the story of Jesus' crucifixion. With silence, candle light, and song, we will each come as we are to remember Christ's sacrifice on our behalf. And we will leave the service awaiting the empty tomb to come.

I pray that you feel God's presence during this most holy of weeks. And as together we prepare to celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday, may you live with the expectation of God's amazing grace. In our daily walk, let us remember who Jesus is and who God is calling us to be.