On the Winds of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost is the celebration of the birthday of the church when the gift of God’s Spirit filled the diverse community of believers with a sense of oneness.

Reversing the Genesis story of the Tower of Babel, in which the sin of the people was met with God’s scattering them across the face of the earth and confusing their languages, Pentecost reunited them from every nation. The Spirit of God blessed them with understanding and a new kind of community, the church of Jesus Christ.

How appropriate it is, then, that this coming Sunday we will welcome new members and add to our diversity and our unity! These individuals, couples and families come to us on the fresh winds of God’s Spirit bringing their gifts for ministry and their desire to be nurtured in the Christian community. You may have noticed that when we receive new members, I am fond of thanking God for making of us a new church by their coming into membership. This historic congregation becomes an altogether new family of God every time we welcome someone new.

So plan to join us and stay after worship for a special reception on the lawn as we transition into summer with ice cream Sundaes on Sunday (“Sundae Sunday”) and seek out those who are joining the church to welcome them with a spirit of warm hospitality!