Stewardship Dedication

In September, a day or two before Don and Jody Smith moved to California to be closer to family, Don came to the church for a farewell hug and handed me a letter which said in part...

Jody and I feel so grateful to have been members of the BMPC family for many reasons and we need to express this to you. First and foremost over the years the pastors and staff have served our family in many ways, providing support in times of need, guidance in spiritual development, and creating a setting of love and caring. 

The fine arts and adult education offerings have been second to none. In addition to regular programming, the special concerts, exhibits, Theologian in Residence, as examples, have continually enriched our BMPC experience.

The association we’ve had with many members of the congregation has enlivened and stimulated our spiritual and intellectual lives. BMPC is blessed to have so many talented and contributing members, and for this we are grateful. 

Finally, every so often we pause to reflect how fortunate we have been to worship and congregate in the beautiful BMPC campus setting. The sanctuary, chapel, organ, carillon, education venues, stained glass, and other physical accoutrements are elements of the BMPC experience that we marvel at and are thankful for. 

As we “head west into the sunset” we want to pass along to you our appreciation for thirty plus years of wonderful BMPC experiences and memories.

Neither Don nor I got through that farewell without shedding a few tears, and while the letter was addressed to me, it belongs to all of you. By your financial support and your gifts of time, talent and vision for being the body of Christ, you make BMPC a place of wonderful experiences.

In that spirit of gratitude, I look forward to October 26, Stewardship Dedication Sunday. If you have not already mailed in your pledge card, I invite you to bring it on Sunday to place in the offering plate as we dedicate our financial support to the church for another year of ministry together. My family will pledge generously because we are so grateful to God for having been called here to serve among you.