Vacation Bible Camp: Hometown Nazareth at BMPC

It’s Vacation Bible Camp week! More than 200 students and volunteer leaders have enlivened our front lawn and Ministries Center with laughter, friendship, stories, and singing from 9 a.m. to noon each day. Good memories are in the making as we learn about Jesus’ childhood and life in Nazareth and grow in God’s love, serve neighbors, and build a community together.

Here are a few stories from the week:

Two boys arrived at the papyrus station. They show the blue and yellow ribbons they picked out and explained that it's matching cord because "we are best friends!" Suddenly one stops and runs to a table, grabs some paper and scribbles on it and returns to hand the paper to his best friend. "It says, 'I love you Pat,' " he explains. Then Pat runs off and comes back with his own paper that he hands to Paul. "Mine says, 'I love you Paul'!"  Ella, one of our volunteers, tells them," Oh, you guys are so nice to each other and are really good friends! Do you go to school together? Have you been friends for a long time?" One replies, "Nope, we just met at camp today! We are best friends!" Then they ran off holding hands to make sure the other wouldn't get lost.

Showing a scroll with a few Hebrew letters written on it, one little girl proclaimed, “Jesus wrote letters just like these. I wonder what his handwriting looked like?”

On Wednesday, students heard how Jesus and his family had move several times as a child. We made cards to help welcome new neighbors, one card said the following: “I hope you like your new home. Don’t worry if it is a little scary, because God is with you there.”

We’ll celebrate another successful week of camp in the Sanctuary on Friday morning at 11:30 a.m., followed by a picnic lunch on the front lawn. You are welcome to take part as we rejoice in God’s love for us – and in new friendships made with each other.

You may view photographs from our adventure here and here.