Youth Sunday 2024

Each year, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church asks the youth to lead the church in congregational Worship on Youth Sunday. As the Associate Pastor for Youth & Their Families at BMPC, it is likely unsurprising that I believe this Sunday to be one of the holiest days in our church calendar.

We invite our teenagers to plan the worship liturgy, our youth deacons and elders to preach, and our youth ministry members to provide liturgists for the entire service. Every other Sunday, these roles are filled by pastors or elected leaders of the church. It is consequently a unique and precious moment when we recognize our teenagers' full membership and giftedness in worship.

Wesley W. Ellis wrote in his book Youth Beyond the Developmental Lens: Being Over Becoming, in terms of ministry with children & young people, "We are watching as human beings are being encountered by God in unexpected ways, and we are waiting to discover how we might be able to join that drama by saying yes to God." So often, when we think of ministry with young people, we focus on their development and how they might eventually grow into someone worth listening to someday. But Ellis argues that all beings, children to youth to adults to older adults, have something worthwhile to share in the Church. The Church is a place where everyone's voice is valued.

Each Youth Sunday, we, as the congregation of BMPC, witness God's action in our teenagers' lives as they invite us into a deeper relationship with God through their leadership. I hope you can attend this year's Youth Sunday on February 11, 2024!

This Sunday is also the Souper Bowl of Caring, where all are invited to bring nonperishable goods to support the various hunger ministries to which we at BMPC are connected. Remember to bring nonperishable foods to worship this coming Youth Sunday!