Leigh DeVries

Leigh DeVries grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in a family with a long line of Presbyterian pastors. She attended Rhodes College in Memphis, majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Music. She served as a youth minister in Nashville, beginning her seminary education through the Center for Youth Ministry Training. Two years later, Leigh moved to Princeton, New Jersey, to attend Princeton Theological Seminary. She graduated with a Master of Divinity, an Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation, and a certificate in Women, Theology and Gender.

She recently served as the Associate Director of an innovative community-based youth ministry in Bend, Oregon. As a minister of the Gospel, Leigh seeks to cultivate spaces where all persons – especially young people – see themselves and one another as profoundly valued and unique expressions of their Creator. Leigh has a passion for youth ministry and a gift for connecting with youth of all ages and backgrounds. Her experience in youth ministry in a large church has given her a host of ideas and experiences to bring to youth programs at BMPC.

From Leigh’s statement of faith: “I believe in a God who is utterly with us, regardless of social status, nationality, religion or any signifier that separates us... Love is the what, the why, the how of who God is.”

Leigh moved to Bryn Mawr with her wife, Jenni Herold, and their dog Otis.


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