Photo of colorful books on a library shelf.

The Powell Memorial Children’s Library

As a resource to the congregation, the Powell Children’s Library is located on the main floor of the Education Building and contains a rich collection of children’s religious books and resources. 

Books are organized by color-coded subject area. “Church on the Go” bags, games, and some media resources may also be checked out through the library. The check-out station is located by the entrance.

Subject Areas:

  • Yellow: Old Testament / Hebrew Scriptures
  • Red: New Testament
  • Red and Yellow: Bibles and Bible Resources
  • Orange: Parenting and Teaching
  • Blue: Non-Religious Children’s Literature, including social issues, biographies, and more
  • Green: Church history, worship, and theology
  • Books with stars: Christmas
  • Books with purple dots: Easter

Search the church’s collection via our online catalog.