Youth volunteer at VBC camp.

Volunteer Opportunities

Children's Ministry

Volunteer opportunities with Children and Family Ministries are a fantastic way for youth to make a meaningful impact within BMPC. Youth can become assistant Sunday School teachers, helping younger children learn and grow in their faith each week. Alternatively, you might choose to be a camp counselor at Vacation Bible Camp (VBC), where you'll guide and mentor kids through fun and educational activities. These roles offer valuable experiences in leadership, teamwork, and service, while also allowing you to build lasting relationships and make a difference in the lives of others.

Tutoring Program

The BMPC Tutoring Program, a long-standing community service initiative, pairs 75 elementary students from North Philadelphia with high school tutors from the suburbs each Tuesday night for one-on-one reading and writing support. This program fosters academic growth, self-confidence, and cross-community friendships, providing both tutors and students with enriching and transformative experiences.

Casserole Blitz

Our monthly casserole blitzes bring volunteers of all ages together to make 120+ casseroles for local shelters and partners. This hands-on activity offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, give back to the community, and provide nutritious meals for those in need. Join us and be part of this rewarding experience of service and fellowship.

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