Youth at Kirkwood Church Camp.

Youth and Families Core Values

From our weekly Youth Gatherings and fellowship times to special events, camp experiences and mission trips, we seek to glorify God and support middle and high schoolers in all aspects of life.

Our programs and events are a means to the end of living out the following core values (I.D.R.E.A.M.).

  • Inclusion: Guided by God’s Spirit, we welcome all youth and families, thankful for their unique identities and gifts, as we seek to provide an experience of belonging for each individual.
  • Discipleship: We cultivate an inquisitive community who journey together as youth grow, explore and are transformed by the love of God revealed in Jesus.
    Responsibility: We build meaningful relationships that promote accountability so that through us, God can create a community that is greater than any one of us by ourselves.
  • Engagement: We foster friendship, fellowship and fun to create joy-filled, relevant and transformative faith experiences.
  • Affirmation: We approach everyone, including ourselves, with gentleness and grace so that all will know they are celebrated, loved and valued as children of God.
  • Mission: We empower youth to share their gifts as they work for justice, freedom and peace in the community around us and the world at large.