Anti-Racism Initiative

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 Anti-Racism Initiative

Our Anti-Racism Taskforce came together in the summer of 2018 following the “One Book One Church” event featuring Debby Irving and her book, Waking Up White. While that moment marks the beginning of this current initiative, it is clear that conversations around race, racism and our connection to it have been important conversations in our church in the past.

Over the past two years the taskforce has helped sponsor several congregation and community-wide events to help us all learn about the mistakes and challenges of the past when it comes to racism and privilege, and to discern together what it means for our community of faith to be a voice for justice and change on this issue. Below you will find resources for your own study and engagement, as well as opportunities to be involved in some large and small conversations.

For questions or more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Associate Pastor for Mission and Adult Education.




Lisa Sharon Harper

In 2022 BMPC welcomed Author Lisa Sharon Harper for a weekend series of lectures. Read more about Lisa below and take time to view recordings of her compelling talks.


Anti-Racism Book List

Anti-Racism Book List

This partial book list has been compiled from suggestions by many friends of BMPC; opinions of the books may vary widely according to the reader. Please read books on this list and then find a thought partner or two with whom to discuss them.

Update from the BMPC Anti-Racism Taskforce

Over the past two years the BMPC Anti-Racism Taskforce has helped facilitate numerous conversations on the pervasive issue of racism in our history, our community and in our personal lives. We are deeply grateful for the engagement on this issue by members of our congregation.